Providing sevices to leading tour operators, airlines and brokers within the industy.

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Electra Airways provides services to leading tour operators, airlines and brokers within the industry. Our AOC covers the EASA aviation standards and Bulgarian CAA authority requirements allowing us to operate charter flights to all countries in Europe and North Africa as well as to many countries in Asia.

The team at Electra Airways guarantees high standards in all areas of the operations - from ground handling services to flight performance:

  • Ensuring all necessary documents and permits for the implementation of flights;
  • Providing a range of additional bespoke services on board based on the clients specific needs;
  • Quotations for ACMI and charter operations within 24 hours;
  • Full assistance and collaboration from start to end of each flight.
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ACMI Lease

Electra Airways core activity is based on ACMI (both WET and DAMP) lease-out.

The successfull partnership with a number of airlines and brokers such as Condor-Tomas Cook airline, Enter Air, Maleth-Aero, Nouvel Air, Primera Air Nordic and Primera Air Scandinavia, Elin Air, Zela Aviation, Avico, Smart Aviation, ACC and many others comes as a result of the professionalism and quality of the ACMI flight performance.

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The fleet of Electra Airways is maintained by Electra Trans Global - an EASA approved organisation, based in Bulgaria.

Electra Trans Global is an approved PART M organisation referred to under EU Regulation 2042/2003, Part-M Section A Subpart G, which has a full engineering capability including the development of specific engineering programs and maintenance management.

  • Electra Trans Global's priority is Airworthiness and Safety Flights, that is why they strictly follow all European Aviation Safety Agency regulations.
  • Electra Trans Global's On Duty Manager (Maintenance Control Center) is available 24/7 to provide immediately support for existing and new operators or owners.
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